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Ready to level up your knitting? Welcome to classes. 

My golden rule is knitting SHOULD be fun! I encourage my students to take breaks when frustrated or tired so that we can create healthy crafting habits together. You'll find a warm, patient classroom environment, with a healthy dose of humor and jokes. I teach because I've made a million mistakes, too (and become a better knitter over the past 25+ years by learning to fix them), so come expand your knitting toolkit together!

Class levels

Not sure where you start or what your skill level is? Here are some details on class levels and expectations:


Never knit before or feeling rusty? Start here and learn a strong foundation!

Advanced Beginner

You feel confident in the basics or making your fav project (scarves, dish clothes etc) and can comfortably knit, purl, and know a simple cast on and bind off. You're ready to jump into something more challenging! 


The expectation is you are confident in the basics (knit, purl, cast on, bind off), and are gaining comfort in reading patterns and/or working in the round. Do you want to expand beyond Stockinette stitch into a world of cables, lace and more? Welcome! 


Feel like you've really nailed the craft, but there are a few special techniques you want to explore? This is for you!

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