Size Inclusion

At The Spinnacle Yarns, we recognize the importance of addressing and combating fatphobia, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported. Here are some of the ways we are working toward the goal of creating a size inclusive space.

Anti-Fax Tax

Larger sizes often require more yarn. so we offer a 15% discount when you purchase seven or more skeins of yarn. We want projects to be accessible and affordable for everyone, regardless of size. Use the code "ANTIFATTAX". Due to the size of our shop, and small dyers we stock, we are unable to carry as much yarn as we'd like to on the shelves. If you're looking for a specific quantitiy of yarn, we're happy to special order when possible!

Comfortable Seating
We want all our visitors to feel comfortable and relaxed in our small space. We have foldable yet sturdy chairs that have a suggested weight max of 350 lbs, and are typically used for knit night and classes. We want you to pull up a chair and get comfy, so if alternate seating is required to accomoate you, please let us know.

Size-Inclusive Designs
We are committed to celebrating, wearing, and knitting size-inclusive designs that go up to at least a 5XL. All classes feature size-inclusive patterns by design. This ensures that everyone can find a project that not only fits well but also we can all have matchy-matchy knits and be heckin' cute!

Open Dialogue
We are committed to ongoing improvement and are always open to suggestions on how we can better serve our community. If there are additional ways we can make our space more accommodating as we continue to unlearn harmful fat biases, please do not hesitate to bring them up. We know our industry has caused harm to fat folks, and want to ensure our space is not continuing to uphold fat biases.