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Knitters Pride

"The Mindful Collection" Lace Interchangeable Circular Needle Tips | 5" / 12.7cm

"The Mindful Collection" Lace Interchangeable Circular Needle Tips | 5" / 12.7cm

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The Mindful Collection interchangeable circular needle tips are lovingly crafted out of stainless steel. These needle tips are durable, long-lasting, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Inspirational words, for example - imagine, believe, breathe, create, focus - are printed on each needle size. They are clearly visible and are there to inspire you and bring you a moment of positivity and peace.

Knitter’s Pride’s interchangeable needles have the advantage of a swivel top rotary mechanism, which ensures easy turning. This prevents twisting and enhances the dexterity of the needle. Like the fixed circular needles, the cords are designed with 1” interval markings for quick measurements. 

The ancient art of knitting is known to have many incredible benefits, including: 

  • Brings about feelings of relaxation due to the focus and repetitive movement associated with knitting.
  • Relieves stress and increases feelings of joy and contentment.
  • Keeps the knitter in touch with the moment and helps with mindfulness.
  • Harmony is felt as a result of being connected with one’s knitting and it results in a finished piece of creativity.
  • Creates feelings of inner peace and mental freedom.

The Knitter's Pride Mindful Collection celebrates true serenity and well-being. Created with the health of our beautiful earth in mind, all of the packaging for the Mindful Collection is environmentally friendly and uses all natural packaging.

Mindful Mentions:

  • Crafted out of premium stainless steel for a smooth knitting surface.
  • The carefully crafted tips allow for super fine fiber work.
  • Needle tips are laser printed with crisp and clear size markings.
  • Inspirational words are printed on each needle tip to enhance your knitting experience, inspire you and leave you feeling peace and joy.
  • The packaging is environmentally friendly and is made out of natural materials.
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