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Skeiner 2 | Winder & Swift

Skeiner 2 | Winder & Swift

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Meet the new Ashford Skeiner 2. Try winding your yarn with Skeiner 2 - the perfect machine for all your skeining needs! From 1m to 2m (40-78ins), you can adjust the tension guides to suit any kind of yarn, from fine to bulky. And with a smooth, effortless winding on nylon bearings, you can 'wool' the night away with your Skeiner 2! Plus, its beautiful beech timber manufacturing and included clamp make winding even easier. Go ahead and let the Skeiner 2 be your new knitting buddy! 😊

- Holds up to 1.5kg of yarn

- Holds or makes skeins from 1 - 2m

-Tensioned and adjustable

- lacquer finish


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