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PREORDER Table Loom Reeds | Stainless Steel

PREORDER Table Loom Reeds | Stainless Steel

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High quality 12.5cm (5") Swedish stainless steel reeds available in standard lengths to fit Ashford table looms. Upgrade your weaving experience with these durable and efficient reeds, made to enhance your crafting skills and make your weaving journey a smooth and enjoyable one.


REED_/310 - 30cm (12") - Katie loom
REED_/410 - 40cm (16")
REED_/610 - 60cm (24")
REED_/800 - 80cm (32")
REED_/970 - 97cm (38") - Jack Loom

Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12 & 16 dpi

Pre-orders are available to pick up instore or to ship in one week.

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