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Handi Handles

Handi Handles

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Elevate your weaving experience with Ashford's Handi Handle Tools, specifically designed for weavers with limited hand mobility or physical strength. Simply place this handy tool over the existing nylon handle of your loom and turn with ease, advancing the warp on Ashford looms. This product is perfect for those with impairments, weakness, or other hand and arm ailments. Each package includes 1 single Handi Handle.

For the best weaving results, make sure to use just enough warp tension for your project. Avoid tightening too much as it can make weaving more difficult, decrease the space for weaving, and potentially cause damage to your loom.


The large size is perfect for your Ashford table as well as standard rigid heddle looms, while the small size fits well on Ashford SampleIt, Katie, and Knitters Looms.


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