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Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds | All Widths & DPI

Rigid Heddle Loom Reeds | All Widths & DPI

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Loom Width

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Preorders typically ship out or are ready for pick up in under a week.

Choose the reed width that matches your rigid heddle loom. Our Ashford rigid heddle looms include a 7.5 DPI reed as a standard.

Reeds for the 16' Sample-It and 16' Rigid Heddle looms are the same.

Reeds are available for the following rigid heddle loom widths:

  • 10' and 16' Sample-It Looms (natural finish)
  • 12', 20', and 28' Knitter's Looms (smooth lacquer finish)
  • 16', 24', and 32' Rigid Heddle Looms (natural finish)

Reeds are available in the following dents-per-inch:

  • 2.5 DPI or 10/10cm (super bulky, mohair, and art yarns)
  • 5 DPI or 20/10cm (bulky or aran weight yarns)
  • 7.5 DPI or 30/10cm (worsted or dk weight yarns)
  • 10 DPI or 40/10cm (sport or dk weight yarns)
  • 12.5 DPI or 50/10cm (fingering weight yarns)
  • 15 DPI or 60/10cm (lace weight yarns or some fine weaving yarns)

For Varident Reed:
Customize your reed to accommodate various warp yarn sizes with our Varident reeds, which are available in all loom widths. These reeds are perfect for adding beautiful, textured accents with novelty or art yarns. Remember that they are not meant to replace standard reeds and come with limited pieces per setting. Check the contents chart for each kit and choose between a natural or lacquered finish to match your loom.

For Double Heddle Weaving:
To do double heddle weaving, be sure to have two reeds that are the same size. Luckily, all Ashford rigid heddle looms already come with 7.5 DPI reeds as the standard.

All reeds are special order and ship out or are available for pick up within 1 week.

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