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Hand Carders

Hand Carders

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A portable option for all your carding needs!

Flick Carder
- Perfect for preparing individual staples of fleece. Use to open up staples quickly and efficiently for spinning, or to prepare for drum carding
- Paddles are 20.5 by 11.5 cm
- Use with washed or unwashed fibre
- Portable, lightweight, assembled, with a comfortable handle and natural finish
- 72 PPSI
- Sold individually

 Classic Hand Carder
- Perfect for preparing your fibres in the traditional way, by producing small rolags for spinning or blending colours for felting
- Portable, lightweight, quick to assemble, natural finish, with a comfortable round handle and large carding area
- Choose 72 PPSI for all-purpose carding or 108 PPSI for fine fibres
- Sold in pairs


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