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Spinning Wheel Oil

Spinning Wheel Oil

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Effortlessly spin your yarn with our Spinning Wheel Oil. This transparent 15ml - ½ oz squeeze bottle is perfect for keeping your spinning wheel running smoothly. The convenient 32mm - 1¼ins blunt needle applicator allows you to easily reach those hard to reach areas such as bobbin, flyer, and wheel bearings. The aluminum cap has a neoprene seal and air tight sealing scabbard to ensure the oil stays fresh and ready to use.

Our high grade, aromatic-free, white mineral lubricating oil is non-staining and classified as non-hazardous. This means you can use it with peace of mind, knowing it won't damage your spinning wheel or your health. Each bottle is sealed in an outer mini grip bag for added security, so you can trust that your oil will arrive safely and ready to use.

Don't let a squeaky or stiff spinning wheel slow down your crafting. Keep it running smoothly with our Spinning Wheel Oil. Order now and experience quiet, effortless spinning!

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