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This Too Shawl Pass Kit | Mashup (Brown Masham & BFL Wools) | Aran

This Too Shawl Pass Kit | Mashup (Brown Masham & BFL Wools) | Aran

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I wanted a big, snuggly shawl for morning meditation, and thought, “why can’t the KNITTING be a mediation too?”. So I did what I do in mediation; I set an intention, focused on my breath, and repeated my chosen mantra in every stitch; “I am whole”. Simple. We use our knitting to foster peace and self-care rituals in our lives, so why not use every stitch to help us manifest? So, I invite you to set your intention as you cast on (something in positive language such as “I am healthy” or “I am happy”), and repeat this phrase to yourself 3 times every time you pick up your knitting. As the habit grows, and you’ll start to feel the positivity seep into your life through your stitches!
May you find peace in every stitch, and every step, of your life.

Each Kit Contains:
4 skeins of Mashup in Natural ($100 value!)
1 copy of the pattern This Too Shawl Pass ($12 value)
AND free shipping ($15 value)

Ships in 1-2 weeks :).

Just want the shawl right meow? I'd be happy to knit you up one, too! Wait time is current 1 month.
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