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The Spinnacle Yarns

Master Continental Knitting | Workshop | May 28 | 5-6:30 pm

Master Continental Knitting | Workshop | May 28 | 5-6:30 pm

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Tired of getting left in the dust by speedy stitchers? Want to save your wrist from all that repetitive throwing? It's time to switch to continental knitting! Instead of the typical right-handed method, hold your yarn in your left hand, and learn to gently twirling your wrist to catch the yarn. You'll be amazed at how quickly those stitches fly off the needles and how much happier your wrist will feel!

Like most folks in this part of the world, I learned the English Method or "Throw Method" first (thanks, Gramma!!!). After knitting hours a day, my wrists would be killing me. I was 15 years old, and was in constant wrist pain. I had a stack of projects waiting for me to knit them. I was frustrated and looking for a change. I painstakingly taught myself Continental knitting through some grainy videos and a sheer amount of trial and error. I'm here, teaching this class so you can learn it more easily!

🧶 Bring your materials (small ball of yarn and materials) for practicing!
🧶 Expert guidance to help you unravel the mysteries of knitting.
🧶 By the end of the session, you'll learn the 2 types of knitting and learn a few variations for the purl method. 

Class is May 28 from 5:00-6:30 pm. 


Classes are limited to 6 people and take place in The Spinnacle Yarns @ The Langford Station. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before class. For the health and safety of all, masks are mandatory & will happily be provided free of charge if you forget one!

Note: This class is designed for people who already know how to knit & purl.

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