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New Wave Fibre

Locally Grown & Naturally Dyed Lopi | Bulky | 150 yards / 120g

Locally Grown & Naturally Dyed Lopi | Bulky | 150 yards / 120g

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Naturally-dyed, locally raised yarn, from the farmers hands to ours! This Lopi bulky yarn is spun at Custom Woollen Mills in Alberta, before being lovingly hand-dyed by Emily, farmer and owner of New Wave Fibre on Thetis Island.

150 yards / 120g, non-superwash, BFL/Cotswold/Romney

"Our foundation ewes are Romney Cotswold cross. We have two Bluefaced Leicester rams, so the current generation is 50% BFL. The Cotswold Romney cross gives us very large fleeces with long staple length. The BFL adds softness and lustre. The sheep have bare legs and faces and alert, upright ears. The ewes are good mothers and they thrive in our damp westcoast winters. We love natural browns, greys and blacks and we select our breeding stock to preserve and intensify colour characteristics. 

Last year, we brought in a line of coloured Romeldale (CVM) sheep. Romeldales have next-to-the-skin soft fleece. The four ewes and ram we brought in are all coloured, with two ewes being moorit coloured and two being badger faced brown.

We provide top quality ecologically sustainable yarns and prepared fibre for knitters, hand spinners and other makers. We think it matters where things come from and where they go. We think it matters how animals and humans are treated. And we like making."

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